I've read your diary...
Well now, look where you've stumbled into...

Oh, I know all about you. I've read your diary. You hid it well, of course, believing no one in the world would think to look there. But I'm not just anyone. I know how you think. I know all those deep, dark little secrets you don't want anyone to know about that have been locked away in that still beating heart of yours. All your fears, your insecurities, your desires and fantasies. They're all there in your head. Just as I am. You've already stepped inside, you've come too far now and it's too late for you. But don't worry. I'm here.

Blog is NSFW. There may be Triggering material. Muse and Mun are both of legal age (46 and 27, respectively).

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If  you  touch  what  is


І шіll тэаѓ Ўоц іито ріэсэѕ.

                                   And then,

I’ll set the remnants

                                                               [On fire.]


Tipsy borderline drunk (closed)


Romana came into the house. Staggering around and looking at all the pretty things they were shiny. Upon seeing something there she smiled before speaking.


"Are yeh now? I thought tha’ was my job?" Brendan said as he appeared at the end of the hall, greeting his lover with the most adoring of smiles. He had never seen Romana drunk before and he found her current state to be amusing, and rather endearing. "C’mere, love. Before yeh hurt yourself."

You know, despite my deep disliking of my writing I do love to re-read my replies and some of them, I have to admit, are really good.

Or they at least amuse me immensely.

Like Brendan and Martha. I keep reading it and dying from laughter because ohlord. The only asshole she’s dating is you, Booboo

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"I ne’er did thank yeh for lettin’ me stay tha’ night.." Brendan piped up as he took the empty seat next to him. He recognised him as the man whose hotel room he had mistakenly and drunkenly broken into some weeks prior, so technically he hadn’t really been allowed to stay. After waking up to shouts and being hit in the face with several pillows and then realising he was in the wrong room, Brendan had apologised and shown himself out as quickly as he could. In fact, he was drunk tonight too and all he could think about was how happy he was to see a familiar face again and how handsome this man was and how much he really wanted to make up with him proper for their terrible first meeting. Right now seemed to be a good time. The perfect time. So he quickly downed the rest of his drink, slammed the emptied glass back down upon the bar counter, then leaned right over and kissed him hard upon the mouth.

Benji stared at the man, blinking a few times as he listened to the slightly inebriated explanation. His lips still parted in shock, he kept his hands on the man’s shoulders longer than they needed to be. 

"I… No, I just… Usually a bloke buys me a drink first." he laughed a little awkwardly. "And you’re welcome."

"Good. M’ glad tha’s settled." Satisfied now that he’d thanked the man proper, Brendan sat back in his seat with a contented little sigh and waved down one of the pretty faces behind the bar so he could order himself another drink. Not that he really needed one. “So.. If I get one for yeh too, does tha’ get me another kiss?” he asked, turning to face him again with a bit of a wobble. “What’s your name anyway? I’m.. m’ Brendan.”

psa; your emotions are not an inconvenience to me. People are constantly apologizing for being negative and I see people on my dash getting hate for being sad or upset often. If I’m your friend, I don’t expect you to be happy all the time. I expect you to be human, with human emotions, and don’t ever feel like I’m going to judge you or label you as a downer because you need someone to talk one day.

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Brendan stared wide-eyed at the odd, but beautiful-looking blue woman that suddenly approached him. Was she dressed for a part in a movie? Perhaps that would also explain her odd speech, but then he wouldn’t be surprised if she really were something else entirely. He’d seen enough in his life to know that was possible. “No, sorry. M’ not the Doctor. But I do know him an’ I ‘ave his face. Or perhaps he has mine..? I don’t know. I think he explained it t’ me once before ‘bout the how an’ the why we look alike, but I can’t remember it. It’s all gibberish t’ me!” He laughed and held out his hand to her. “I’m Brendan. What.. ah.. who, who are yeh?”

The kiss pressed to her hand triggered a girly giggle before she replied. “Chan, no, I am not human, tho. Chan, Malmooths are a humanoid insectoid species from the planet Malcassairo. This how my people speak, tho.” She gave a slight shrug. “Chan, if I did not say it, it would be rude, tho.”

"Ah, an’ we can’t ‘ave yeh bein’ rude, now can we? No.." he cooed as he lightly caressed the top of her hand with his fingers, petting her almost, before he finally released her. He liked that she was obedient in this manner and it made him wonder too if she would behave just as well if he decided he wanted her. The fact that she wasn’t human made no difference to Brendan’s desires. She was still a woman and he did find her pretty. "Tell me, Chantho. D’ yeh consider it disrespectful for me t’ speak like this? I mean, t’ not speak as yeh do."

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River never really knew how she got into half the jobs she agreed to, but this one landed her in a town called Hastings. She had just finished up her job, actually, and decided to treat herself to a dinner at a nice restaurant. Taking an outdoor seat, she was about to take a bite of her salad when she looked up to see the face of her husband, specifically his previous regeneration. He was walking towards her on the sidewalk, but to her. As he approached, she put her fork back on her plate. “Doctor?”

Brendan ignored the question posed to him in favour of first seating himself opposite her and he lounged back with his legs spread. “No,” he answered with a low chuckle, the corners of his mouth raising into an amused smirk. It was always quite funny to Brendan when people mistook him for the Doctor. He thought himself to be far superior, but then he thought himself better than most everyone. “M’ not the Doctor,” he continued. “But I know ‘im. Perhaps yeh would like t’ discuss ‘im o’er dinner, mmm?” He leaned forward then and extended his hand to her. “I’m Brendan. Brendan Block.”


    “Don’t you already have a thread about—”

    “Don’t you already have a thread with a—”

    “Don’t you—”