I've read your diary...
Well now, look where you've stumbled into...

Oh, I know all about you. I've read your diary. You hid it well, of course, believing no one in the world would think to look there. But I'm not just anyone. I know how you think. I know all those deep, dark little secrets you don't want anyone to know about that have been locked away in that still beating heart of yours. All your fears, your insecurities, your desires and fantasies. They're all there in your head. Just as I am. You've already stepped inside, you've come too far now and it's too late for you. But don't worry. I'm here.

Blog is NSFW. There may be Triggering material. Muse and Mun are both of legal age (46 and 27, respectively).
theraggedytimeboy: What were you thinking when you killed Miranda's best friend on her birthday? I know you did it because Laura was 'in your way' but you realize you've probably ruined her birthday for the rest of her life, right? 

But that’s just it. Laura was in my way. Our way. She was the last obstacle standing between Mirrie and me. She wanted to keep us apart. She was obsessed. Miranda should have understood that. She should have seen the scheming bitch for what she was! She should have been happy to be rid of her.

We could have used that money to run off together. We could have escaped her family like she wanted and she would have been with me like I wanted. But of course that didn’t happen. No, because Mirrie couldn’t look past it. She couldn’t see what I was trying to do for us. She just kept sticking her fucking nose where it didn’t belong and ruining my plans. She forced me to flee, forced me towards Naomi, don’t you see?

Everything I ever did was for Miranda. Everything I did was because of her. She has only herself to blame for her unhappiness. And mine.

/{ Closed; idcomeinthatmouth }\ [Expect The Unexpected]


"I don’t quite think talking about the Doctor is advised, but I would love to talk you about anything else." Meeting his hand with her own, River’s expression changed to a smile. "Professor River Song, but please, feel free to call me River." She could tell right away that he was a human and not in any way her husband… And that sounded quite fun.

"Oh good! Good. Cause I’d much rather talk ‘bout somethin’ far more interestin’. Like yeh," he said as he drew her hand towards his lips for a kiss. After lingering a moment, perhaps a little too long, he let go. "River is a beautiful name. S’ not one I’ve e’er heard before either. Is there a story behind tha’?" he asked and then immediately shifted his attention to waving down a passing waiter to order himself a drink; red wine as usual. "Bit rude o’ me t’ sit ‘ere an’ not buy somethin’ from ‘em," he explained upon turning back.



ask if they regretted something or wanted to do something else, ask what they were thinking when they did something, ask what they think of another canon character. ask.

quortekcaluss: AV chuckled and he lazily walked into the room. "Don't worry. You don't have to know. Probably is better i do, hmm?" He said and moved to sit down. "I used to be the Doctor." 



Brendan was especially glad now for the newspaper hiding his face. He could feel his cheeks starting to burn. Damn. He was hoping the man wouldn’t notice that he’d forgotten his name, but then he had been a little too obvious in it.. “What d’yeh mean  ye used t’ be the Doctor?” he asked, finally setting the paper down on the table between them. “I’ve met a few people with m’ face tha’ go by Doctor as their name. Strange as tha’ is.. S’ what? Yeh jus’ changed your name? Lots o’ people do tha’, mate. M’ self included. Several times, in fact.”

"Mike? Hardly." The Valeyard chuckled. Though, he liked the others attitude. He was drawn to Brendan for several reasons and one was said attitude. AV rested his arms on his hips and chuckled. "AV will be quite fine."

The assault of questions caused the Valeyard to laugh. “If I told you everything, it would ruin the fun. More fun if you find it out for yourself, hmm?” The Valeyard tilted his head and looked the other over. “But as for why I come here, I think youre entertaining. And interesting company. I find out about you, you may find out about me. Sound like a plan?”

"S’pose yeh are right ‘bout tha’, Avery. If yeh told me everythin’ at once, I’d get bored o’ yeh. An’ if I got bored.. Mm. Yeh would find yourself chucked out. Or worse. But then, you’re not a Pet.” He rose from the table then and moved to the counter behind him to retrieve a bottle from the wine rack and two glasses for him and his ‘guest’. “Yeh do realise, I hope,” he began as he popped the cork over the sink with a knife, “Tha’ I could jus’ lie t’ yeh ‘bout everythin’.” He turned back to him with a sly grin. “M’ quite good at tha’. Among other things.” When he was finally done and the glasses filled, Brendan came back to the table and set one in front of AV before returning to his seat across from him. “But I am awfully curious ‘bout yeh, so let’s try this plan o’ yours. Stick around an’ join me for dinner, mmm?”

lead-pencilskirt: She couldn't help herself. It was just too bloody tempting. The dark theatre was practically empty and the images on the ten-foot silk screen ever-so perfectly illuminated the pale curve of his neck. But to her credit, she at least made it through the opening titles before leaning over to gently sink her teeth into that one sweet spot of his, while a petite hand carefully slid up the inside of his thigh. //you getting sick of me yet? 

Brendan did nothing to stifle the moan that slipped past his lips when Emma’s mouth suddenly latched to his neck, teeth pressing just hard enough against sensitive skin to give him that mix of pain and pleasure he liked best. With his eyes focused on the screen ahead, he pretended to watch the movie while his hand slipped into his lap to join Emma’s where it rested against his thigh. “Is this what yeh want?” he breathed as he curled his fingers around her wrist and forced her hand higher, pressing it firmly over the erection now straining in his trousers.


I couldn’t care less about your religion or sexual orientation or race or whether you’re a virgin or have slept with 400 people or have done time in jail

but the moment you eat my leftovers without asking that’s when i decide you’re a terrible person