Dries van Noten | Spring/Summer 2015

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M’ feelings are always.. waverin’. Sometimes when I’m holdin’ ‘er all I want is t’ protect ‘er from everythin’, but other times I want t’ slip m’ hands ‘round tha’ pretty little neck and strangle ‘er ‘til the light leaves ‘er eyes.

I think the fact tha’ I don’t act on those thoughts is proof enough o’ what I feel.

Friendly reminder that my muse is not immutable. Over time their attitude, behavior, and headcanons may change. Their opinions or standings may not always be the same. I am not twisting my muse out of character by changing their opinions, I am giving them a fucking relatable quality because none of us are immutable and won’t always have the same opinion of everything.

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Mun: Okay, we have a few drafts to do. We have one where you're in a fight, one where you're relaxing with a friend, and one where you're meeting someone completely new. Now, which one do you want to work on first?
Muse: *points at another character on the dash* I want that one.
Mun: No. That wasn't even one of the options. We need to work on your drafts first.
Muse: I want that one.
mun: but-
muse: THAT... ONE...
mun: I said no.
muse: I know where you sleep...
mun: I know how to destroy you...
muse: ...
mun: ...
muse: ...
mun: ...

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