GIRLS — if you hit, slap, belittle, kick, punch, choke, throw things at, or control your boyfriends, you are the abuser. You are not a “strong woman”, “empowered”, or anything similar. You are hurting him. Even if his muscles are strong enough to take it, a hit or slap from someone you love is an emotional blow.

Written by a girl who’d never hit a guy.

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ITV3 have confirmed that their repeat broadcast of the 2005 drama Secret Smile will be across two consecutive nights from the 11th - 12th August. In the two-part adaptation of the novel of the same name by Nicci French, David Tennant stars as psychotic stalker Brendan Block, a self-styled entrepreneur who turns out to be the boyfriend from hell.

Secret Smile
Monday 11th August 10.05pm BST
Tuesday 12th August 10.05pm BST

Two-part psychological thriller. A meeting at a skating party leads to a night of passion for Miranda (Kate Ashfield) and Brendan (David Tennant). Ten days later she returns home to find that he has let himself into her flat, where he has read her teenage diary. He proceeds to taunt her that she once slept with her sister’s boyfriend, and she ends the relationship immediately. One month later, Miranda is invited by her sister Kerry (Claire Goose) to meet her new boyfriend - who just turns out to be Brendan.
Free pass// What do you see when you look at me?

A bad fuckin’ influence, for starters. I’ve been strugglin’ t’ keep hold o’ what measly sliver o’ good is left in me. The part o’ me tha’ regrets.. tha’ tries, as yeh said, t’ feel guilty for what I’ve done an’ continue t’ do, despite knowin’ I ne’er should.. Tha’s where the doubting and second guessin’ m’self lives. Then here yeh come in out o’ nowhere t’ knock the light from m’ hands because yeh know as well as I do tha’ it’s artificial. Yeh know these eyes o’ mine see be’er in the darkness. They see the path I’ve nearly lost time an’ again tryin’ t’ be somethin’.. someone.. m’ not.

I look at yeh an’ I see a man so like m’self. I see what madness lingers in those deep brown eyes, what cruelty courses through your every vein. I can practically taste it on your skin like a bitter sweetness when my lips meet tha’ precious pulse point at your neck. Yeh are a rare an’ beautiful monster like me.


VIDEO: ITV3 To Repeat Secret Smile Starring David Tennant

ITV3 have announced some of their August schedule in a new trailer released today. Among the highlights will be a welcome repeat of the 2005 thriller Secret Smile starring David Tennant and Kate Ashfield.

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Oh yes.

Family just fucking refuses to leave me the hell alone. They’re putting me in a shit mood and I’m already so goddamn exhausted from today.

As soon as they’re done I am going to bed. Without getting a goddamn thing done that I wanted. Again.

Finally on a laptop (but not my own because mine is having updates and things done to it) and all my chores are done. :D now I just need to stop getting distracted by all this Disney stuff but it’s haaard.

(Free pass) What's the first thing you'd try to save if your house was on fire?

Before or after the horrific flashbacks and panic attacks the fire would bring on?

If I were home alone, then I’d grab m’ rabbit Sailah. If I were with someone.. It would depend on who they were if I saved ‘em before m’self. Havin’ someone in m’ debt is always good too though..