VIDEO: ITV3 To Repeat Secret Smile Starring David Tennant

ITV3 have announced some of their August schedule in a new trailer released today. Among the highlights will be a welcome repeat of the 2005 thriller Secret Smile starring David Tennant and Kate Ashfield.

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Oh yes.

Family just fucking refuses to leave me the hell alone. They’re putting me in a shit mood and I’m already so goddamn exhausted from today.

As soon as they’re done I am going to bed. Without getting a goddamn thing done that I wanted. Again.

Finally on a laptop (but not my own because mine is having updates and things done to it) and all my chores are done. :D now I just need to stop getting distracted by all this Disney stuff but it’s haaard.

(Free pass) What's the first thing you'd try to save if your house was on fire?

Before or after the horrific flashbacks and panic attacks the fire would bring on?

If I were home alone, then I’d grab m’ rabbit Sailah. If I were with someone.. It would depend on who they were if I saved ‘em before m’self. Havin’ someone in m’ debt is always good too though..

Free pass: D'you see any future for us? At all? Or am I just another fling for you?

If yeh were another fling, I’d ‘ave chucked yeh out tha’ door long before now. I ‘ave lovers an’ I ‘ave pets. I ‘ave people I genuinely care for an’ there are those tha’ mean nothin’— tha’ I keep ‘round simply because they satisfy one need or another. Yeh are not one o’ the la’er. But I don’t know where yeh an’ I are headed. I keep expectin’ yeh not t’ come back through tha’ door. Course, if yeh did I’d ‘ave t’ hunt yeh down.. Yeh know I can’t let yeh go. You’re stuck with me. Forever, perhaps.

And I watched
                                         As they paid the price
                                                                                        For my weakness
And I swore
                                         That I’ll      N E V E R
                                                                                        Be weak again

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(Free pass) What is your biggest regret ever?

Not bein’ faster when it came t’ savin’ my sister from the fire tha’ took our parents. Yes she survived, but the scars she was left with.. The disfigurement.. She wouldn’t ‘ave been hurt if I ‘adn’t been s’ slow.

Your character has got one free pass to ask my character anything, and they must answer truthfully, and afterwards my character will forget the conversation. How does your character use it?



Urgh. I just want to RP and stuff but I’m on mobile, coding is a bitch, and I have chores to do.

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