Baby I’m preying on you tonight
Hunt you down eat you alive
Just like animals
Like animals

Maybe you think that you can hide
I can smell your scent for miles
Just like animals
Like animals
Baby I’m 

So what you trying to do to me
It’s like we can’t stop we’re enemies
But we get along when I’m inside you
You’re like a drug that’s killing me
I cut you out entirely
But I get so high when I’m inside you

Yeah you can start over you can run free
You can find other fish in the sea
You can pretend it’s meant to be
But you can’t stay away from me
I can still hear you making that sound
Taking me down rolling on the ground 
You can pretend that it was me
But no


does your muse ever get jealous over dumb things even if it’s in another verse they just “[ points ] THAT’S MY FUCKING PERSON

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Nothing like having a panic attack first thing in the morning because someone thought it would be a good idea to set an audio of LOUD, AGONISING SCREAMS to auto play on their blog.


Care To Dance?


XI bit his lip at the press of fingers upon his waist. He was surprised at himself playing a more subdued role, seized by a whim to let this stranger with his lover’s face take more of a lead and imagining just what beautiful, filthy fantasies were had in mind. Again he reminded himself that he should not worry about getting into difficulty, not this time.

"I’m very sure," he said, meeting Brendan’s eyes as his hand met the small of his back in turn. "I think it’s safe to say I’m not like a lot of men, especially not any you’ve met. So long as we’re having fun, myself and my partner may frolic as and when we please. I can promise you pleasure beyond what you’d expect, just so long as you aren’t seeking my soul.” With a soft chuckle, he slipped his hand downward and gave Brendan’s arse a light squeeze.


"You’re right. You’re not like a lot o’ men. But you’re wrong t’ assume tha’ I’ve not met ones like yeh. A man without a proper name who travels the stars in a flyin’ box.." Suddenly feeling very pleased with himself again and with the Doctor’s answers, Brendan’s smile finally came back and it only grew wider when he felt the Time Lord’s hand not so slyly find its way to his backside for a grope. It was good to know this one wasn’t any less forward in his advances than the others he’d met. "I may not ‘ave seen this face before," he added, taking him by that wonderful chin of his as he continued, "But I know yeh, Doctor.”  Oh yes, Brendan was definitely feeling much better now. He thought he was clever for being ahead of the Time Lord. Or at least he believed himself to be a few steps ahead. Whether or not it was true didn’t matter to him. For Brendan, believing it himself was enough and the return of his good mood helped him forget all about his little pangs of jealousy from before.


As they stepped outside into the warm night air, it occurred to Brendan that he didn’t actually have a way of getting them home. He’d rode with his sister to the wedding and he couldn’t very well take her car, much as the thought did tempt him. He was still working to repair the damage done to their relationship after having cut her and what was left of their family out of his life some thirty odd years ago. Any and all slights against her that he could avoid were in his best interests to do just that regardless of inconveniences. The more he thought about it, the more Brendan realised his current predicament with the Doctor could work out to be a very good thing. He could put to rest the tiny bit of uncertainty still lingering at the back of his mind about his would-be lover’s identity. Of course he would hate to be wrong now and be made to look a fool, but he had to know. After all, his wasn’t a face he was familiar with. “We’re skippin’ the cab nonsense,” he told him firmly. “S’ been far too long since I’ve seen tha’ box. I know she can get us where we’re goin’ faster than anythin’, an’ the faster we get t’ m’ flat, the sooner those clothes are comin’ off. M’ lookin’ forward t’ experiencin’ all tha’ pleasure you’re promisin’.”

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Welp. My glasses just broke yet again. Both ear pieces are now snapped in half and have had to be taped up because the protective coating is completely gone and the tips are jagged and sharp (so my ears and the area behind my ears are all cut up now). At some point this weekend I HAVE to get new frames.

Please don’t let them be expensive.

The hybrid's hands roamed Brendan's chest as his arms snaked around him from behind. "Mmm... hello my love," he purred as he pressed his body against the other's back and arse. "I missed you so much, mein Liebchen. Did you miss me too?"

Brendan leaned into Gamma with a smile and a contented sigh and continued to water the few plants he kept on the terrace. Next to reading, the care and maintenance of his plants was one of the few non-violent activities he genuinely took pleasure in. “Your absence always leaves me achin’, Gamma,” he hissed low and turned his head to nip at the other’s mouth.



important otp thing to consider: who rocks the ferris wheel seat 

even more important: which one is terrified and crying and clinging to the other to try and get them to stop

She reached up to rub her face where he had hit her, staring up at him with wide eyes. She certainly hadn't expected that reaction. "You're pathetic," she whispered, unable to stop the words from falling from her lips. "Absolutely pathetic."

The words she flung did little to wound Brendan. This wasn’t the first time one of his violent outbursts had been met with a weak insult. More than anything he found the reaction to be amusing and he let her know this by laughing right in her face. “Pathetic? Me?” He gasped and placed a hand upon his chest in feigned surprise. “No, no, sweetheart! I’m not the pathetic one here.” With that Brendan was on the move again. Like a vulture he circled her, one echoing footstep after another. On his third time around he came to a halt directly behind her and after a few seconds’ pause, just enough for her to start to relax, he snatched her by her hair and forced her head back to the point that the muscles in her neck were visibly straining

“But do you know who is? Hmm? DO YOU?!” he screamed and jerked her head again, painfully tearing at her hair. “Well I’ll fucking tell you. It’s little whores like you. You, who would give up everything to be possessed by a man she doesn’t know! You, who now wants to back out and run away from the deal she started! Well you don’t get to back out, sweetheart. I’m the one who makes the rules around here.” Bending down to her level, Brendan then pressed his lips to her ear with a very loud, very suggestive groan. “You smell so good.. I think maybe I will claim you. I could use the entertainment.”

I crave your legs intertwined with mine, I crave nothing but you, in the most simplest of ways.

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